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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, EK Ergonomics has specialized in office, computer and laboratory ergonomics since 1999.
Definition of Ergonomics: the study of people's efficiency in their working environment (Oxford Dictionary)

The huge increase in work-related injuries demonstrates the physical strain modern jobs put on our bodies. These in turn contribute to the astronomical cost of worker.s compensation programs. In California alone, worker's comp premiums cost an estimated $25 billion.

At EK Ergonomics we believe most work-related injuries can be prevented. Ergonomic research results have proven it.

Injury is not a necessary function of work, but most people lack the knowledge and skills needed to avoid hurting themselves.

We teach people how to stop wasting their energy at work. Sitting without adequate back support, for example, wastes energy you need for important tasks.

As a result of our interventions, employees return home with energy left for their families and personal activities and return to work the next day re-energized.

EK Ergonomics helps businesses create ergonomically sound work environments. Our highly interactive seminars teach your employees to perform at their maximum potential. We show you how to reduce workplace injuries.

Our expert staff combines medical backgrounds with certifications in ergonomics and instructional design and facilitation, to establish a safe, healthy, productive workplace.